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Kalonji Oil – A Miracle Cure for Various Diseases

Kalonji Oil – A Miracle Cure for Various Diseases
Kalonji oil is regarded as a miracle cure for number of health ailments in human beings. It is processed from the small nutritious black seeds derived from annual herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa and for this reason is sometimes also called the Black Seed Oil. The oil is a yellowish to dark amber liquid containing number of essential nutrients or components that help in betterment of health of an individual.
Medicinal Value of Nutrients Present in Kalonji Oil 
Some of the valuable nutrients which Kalonji Oil can provide to an individual when consumed include proteins, essential oils, carbohydrates, vegetable oils and fats and valuable Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids.  It is approximately made up of 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils. There are essential antioxidants in black seed oil which help to protect the body from radicals. However the active ingredients important in Kalonji oil for treating health problems are Nigellone and Thymoquinone. The essential Nigellone is a good remedy for respiratory problems. It is also an excellent cure for allergies and various symptoms of allergies. Black seeds are rich sources of Thymoquinone containing excellent analgesic properties which can provide soothing relief from pain. For those suffering metabolic disorders can try out the Kalonji oil for improved digestion and metabolic activities in the body along with added benefits like balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve body circulation, and promote healthy liver function. Linoleic acid, oleic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C are all present in black seed oil and proven to be an effective cure to treat several health disorders in human beings in a natural and easy way.
Diseases/Health Ailments curable with Pure Kalonji Oil
Pure kalonji oil when taken in proper amount offers the best health benefits. Some of the major health problems which can be easily treated with Kalonji seeds or oil in natural way include
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Diabetes
  • Parasites treatment and intestinal cleansing
  • Dental problems
  • Dandruff
  • Improper Digestion
  • Liver & Abdomen Diseases
  • Dysentry and Diarrhoea
  • Stomach related ailments like irritation in stomach, stomach ache etc.
  • Premature hair fall
  • Cough & Asthma
  • Heart and Nervous Disorders
Therefore, Kalonji Oil or Seeds can offer an excellent way to cure several kinds of health ailments in a natural and simple way without any side effects. But it is always desirable to consult a doctor or physician before hand in order to get best treatment for health disorders and to know the appropriate amount of oil to be taken for the treatment of a particular ailment with Kalonji Oil/Seeds. To know in detail about Kalonji oil applications, visit -
This article educates reader about Kalonji Oil, its components and health benefits from Kalonji Oil including the diseases treatable with it.

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Therapeutic usage of kalonji oil to cure health ailments

Kalonji is also known as Black seed plant and it comes from the Renunculcea family of plants. The leaves of this plant are light green in colour, flower is star shaped and is blue or white in colour. Other specific names of kalonji, around the world are Caraway seeds, Nigella Sativa, Kaluduru, Fennel flower, Schwarz Kummel, Roman Coriander and Fitch. India, Bangladesh and Eastern countries are famous for cultivation of this plant. Kalonji farming is done to get new seeds which are used in food and preparation of medicines for different ailments. Kalonji seeds are often used in Indian and Arabian cuisines which adds flavour to the dishes and makes them tasty and relishing. It is also used in many pickles.

Kalonji Oil
This is the most common product from kalonji seeds. It contains more than 100 nutrients which are very beneficial i.e 21% protein and 38% carbohydrates and rest 35% plant oils and fats. It is a great healer. Kalonji oil is said to be highly effective antibacterial, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory which improves the body immune system and fights against infections.

Therapeutic Usage of Kalonji oil

There are various therapeutic usage of kalonji oil as below-

(a) Cough, Allergy and Asthma
It is highly effective for all the above problems. As a dose kalonji oil can be taken with warm water along with one tea spoon honey. Half a tea spoon kalonji oil before breakfast and after dinner for 35 to 40 days gives tremendous results. 

(b) Diabetes
For treatment of diabetes one must have one cup of black tea adding half a tea spoon of kalonji oil in the morning and before going to sleep. After 20 days of treatment one can see the decrease in sugar level of the body. It can be continued for approximately 40 days and once the level comes within the normal range, it can be stopped. 

(c) Heart Attack
Half a teaspoon of kalonji oil if added to a cup of goat milk and taken twice a day is a great treatment for heart attacks. One can continue this treatment for 10 days and after 10 days the dose can be reduced to once in a day. 

(d) Joint pains and Arthritis
Half teaspoon of kalonji oil if added to 2 spoons honey and one spoon vinegar and taken twice a day before breakfast and dinner, relieves joint and arthritis pains.

(e) Stomach related problems
Half teaspoon of oil with one spoon of ginger juice if taken twice a day gives relief from indigestion, acidity, gas and other stomach related problems. It is also beneficial for Obesity. 

(f) Ophthalmic diseases
Eye problems such as weak eyesight, redness in eyes, irritation and watering eyes, cataract etc. may get cured if half a teaspoon of kalonji oil is taken with one cup of carrot juice, twice a day before breakfast and after dinner for 40 days. 

(g) Women Secret Diseases
Women have many problems like menstruation pains, white discharge, stomach and backache etc. These can be treated with kalonji oil. One cup of warm water with two spoons of honey if taken twice a day is very helpful for menstrual problems and stomach pain. For relief from white discharge and menstrual discharge add pudina or mint leaves in two glasses of water and let it boil , add half teaspoon kalonji oil and drink twice a day. While taking this treatment one must avoid brinjasl, pickles, eggs and potatoes. 

Besides, there are many therapeutic uses which include bleeding of nose, cancer, chest congestion, dandruff, ear infection and many more. For more details on kalonji oil, visit -